White Oaks Pet Motel

Our facility is entirely climate controlled and primarily consists of indoor/ outdoor runs. By this we mean there is a 4' x 5' inside portion and a connected 4' x 10' covered outdoor portion separated by a vertical sliding door which is controlled by staff. We also have 4' x 5' kitty condos.

We also have two large outside exercise pens enclosed with 6' stockade fencing and double fenced with 6' hurricane grade chain link fencing. The largest pen is 40' x 60' with pea gravel. The smaller pen is 10' x 70' and is all grass. Each is attached to the fenced in courtyard and is within feet of the kennel to ensure your pet's safety.

You may relax and feel confident that your pet is safe with us! Your pet is always within the confines of our fenced courtyard when being walked to and from exercise pen and grooming appointments. Always under staff supervision.

Our kennels are thoroughly maintained and disinfected daily to ensure the health of your pet.  

Our Facility

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